Marcel Majid Kahhak was born in Morocco and educated in France. In 1980, he resigned his career as a French professor to devote himself to art. This brought him to America, where he has devoted 37 years to creation and teaching, supplemented by European sojourns.

Although initially schooled in Realism, his vision matured alongside the lines of Impressionism, Expressionism, and, currently, Abstraction. Marcel believes that style is only a tool to express the "momentness" of personal creativity.  His teaching uncovers the unique creativity in every student.

The artist also paints live, on location, at special musical and sports events. His presence has been requested by prestigious institutions such as Georgetown University, The Kennedy Center, The Aspen Jazz Festival, The National Women's Museum, and the Skin's Game. In addition, Marcel has given motivational painting presentations for noteworthy organizations, including TIAA-CREF.